Thursday, January 21, 2016

Courses by Yeap Ban Har | March 2016

I am visiting schools in South Africa. I first visited some of these schools a few years ago.

Cape Town | South Africa 2.3 March 
United Herzlia Schools and Wynberg Girls Junior School

Herzlia Highlands Primary hosted the open lessons on the first day and Wynberg Girls Junior School did the same on the second day. In all we had eleven open lessons. Each open lesson was attended by about thirty teachers from various schools. Herzlia High School was the venue for the Grades 3-6 workshop for about 50 teachers and Wynberg Girls Junior School hosted the Grades 1-3 workshop for about the same number of teachers.

Sessions for parents were hosted by Wynberg Girls Junior School and Herzlia Wiesmann Primary School. 

Johannesburg | South Africa March
King David Schools

Visiting Professorship to Chinese University of Hong Kong March
I taught a lesson in a MSc Course 6162 Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Under Curriculum Reform. Using Singapore curriculum as a case study, we discussed curriculum development, focus, implementation and challenges. In particular, there was a lot of discussion on learner diversity.  I also conducted a seminar for the faculty as well as PGDE and other students at the university on the topic of teacher education in Singapore.

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