Sunday, December 21, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | Feb and Mar 2015

Feb 3-4: In February, I visit Bina Bangsa Schools in Indonesia in my capacity as their maths consultant. This school runs the Singapore curriculum. This is a school event. I visit the school again in September.

Feb 7: Alkem Professional Development is hosting a public seminar in Cebu. This seminar series has travelled to manila last November and Davao in January. Contact Dorothy Ngo of Alkem Professional Development for registration details. 

In March, I will visit four school districts.
Mar 2-3: Weston, CT
Mar 4: Bedford, NY
Mar 9-10: Greenwich, CT
Mar 11-12: Westport, CT 

There is a public event in Danbury CT on Mar 5-6. Register at the website. Contact for details.

On Mar 7, I will run a train-the-trainers institute for MiF trainers from HMH Professional Development. They have engaged Marshall Cavendish Institute to run the training. This will be in Washington DC.

On Mar 16, Shinglee Publishers is organizing a seminar on secondary mathematics in Singapore. I am speaking in my capacity as the consultant for the textbook series used in many Singapore secondary schools. Look out for the invite. (Sometimes it sits in the principal's office)

On Mar 17, I am teaching a class for kindergarten teachers in Singapore. Please check details on ECDA website / prospectus.

On Mar 22, I have been invited to have a dialogue with a group of Japanese mathematics educators. The meeting will be held in Osaka.

On Mar 24, I am meeting a visiting group of teachers from the UK, likely to be hosted by a school in Singapore. If you are a Singapore school and would like to have this event in your school (you can invite you teachers or those from your cluster) please drop me a note at

On Mar 25, Dunman High School in Singapore is holding a seminar on Introduction to Lesson Study. The school has been doing lesson study. This course will help the new teachers understand the process of lesson study and also allows those who have been doing it to review their efforts.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | Jan 2015

10 January | Davao, The Philippines
Alkem Professional Development APROD will bring what we had in Manila in November 2014 on Core Ideas in Early Mathematics for Kindergarten teachers and Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in Elementary Mathematics educators in Davao.

Contact: Alkem Professional Development

21.22.23 January | London, United Kingdom
Maths No Problem will be hosting a three-day workshop on teaching mathematics at primary level in an effort to support UK teachers in implementing the new curriculum. Teachers from schools in the pilot textbook project will attend this session in London. Participants are from several primary schools connected to a Maths Hub.

26.27.28 January | Manchester, United Kingdom
I have been teaching a five-day course on teaching primary school mathematics. In Manchester, we will be doing a three-day version of this course. More than forty teachers from 17 schools in a Maths Hub attended the course. This Maths Hub plans to have repeats of this course in the coming school year. 

Check out Maths No Problem's events on their website.

30-31 January | Manila, The Philippines
Rex Bookstore in collaboration with Shinglee Publishers will be holding a two-day event.
On the first day, Professor Soledad Ulep from UP and a panel of concurrent session speakers will address issues on K-12 initiatives and elements of mathematics education in Singapore such as model drawing. I will represent on the second day where I talk about Pedagogies of Singapore Mathematics  with an emphasis on assessment system in Singapore. There is also a session on junior high school mathematics focusing on instruction and assessment.

Contact: Rex Publishers

Sunday, November 23, 2014

World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference 2014, Bandung Indonesia, November 2014

Expert Seminar

Akita Kiyomi | My Reflection Here

Ko Po Yuk | My Reflection Here

Catherine Lewis | My Reflection Here

John Elliot | My Reflection Here

JICA | My Reflection Here

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har (Quarter 4)

November and December

Singapore | 4 November 2014
Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in Singapore is running six classes for kindergarten teachers - Development of Numeracy in Early Childhood, a basic two-day course for teaching kindergarten numeracy. I am teaching Day 1 of the final class for the year. It will be held at Singapore Management University and the course is run by Marshall Cavendish Institute. It is open to all Singapore kindergarten teachers.

Look out for this in 2015 if registration is already closed. Also new courses on specific areas of numeracy in 2015. Look out for them in your prospectus.

Registration details, please contact

Honolulu, HI | 7 November 2014
A one-day institute for a collection of schools on Oahu. This is organized by SDE. This event is not a public one.

Venue: McKinley Community Schools for Adults Honolulu

Singapore | 11 November 2014
A short seminar on alternative assessment in mathematics at Raffles Girls' School, one of the schools that use New Syllabus Mathematics, the secondary level textbook that I am a consultant to.

Singapore | 15 November 2014
Purple Parade to celebrate diversity and abilities organized by Autism Resource Singapore which Pathlight School belongs to. If you are in Singapore come in purple. Hong Lim Park near Chinatown (Clarke Quay MRT) between 3 pm and 7.30 pm. You will likely see me helping put in one of the stalls. It is a carnival - rain or shine.

See Purple Parade on Facebook.

Taipei, Taiwan | November 2014
I will be spending a week in this school in Taipei, visiting classes and doing professional development courses for teachers in this school. This is not a public event.

Bandung, Indonesia | 25.26.27 November 2014
World Association for Lesson Studies WALS Conference 2014
I will be attending the Expert Seminar on 24/11/2014 prior to the conference. I will chair a plenary session on lesson studies in early childhood and present a paper for Marshall Cavendish Institute, co-authored with Peggy Foo. Last year, Gothenburg Sweden was the host. Next Year, Khon Kaen Thailand will be the host.

See WALS 2014 website.

Manila, The Philippines | 29 November 2014
I will be working with an organization to bring regular professional development to teachers in the Philippines and this is the appetizer. Full details will be available at this event. Exciting.

This seminar is to introduce plans for 2015.

You will hear me speak on two topics and another presenter discuss similar ideas in science education.

What are the Core Ideas in Early Mathematics (2 hours)
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in Elementary School Mathematics (2 hours)

Registration details: To be announced

Phnom Penh, Cambodia | 1.2 December 2014
My second visit to Northbridge International School Cambodia  to visit the school and run workshops for the teachers.

Bangkok, Thailand | 3 December 2014
The Learning Tree and Shinglee Publishers are planning to have a seminar for school leaders to share latest development in mathematics education to help. Them plan their schools' programmes.

Registration details: To be announced

Bangkok, Thailand | 4.5.6 December 2014
My former colleague Dr Ruth Wong and I will be visiting Anglo Singapore International School, a school that we have been consultants for. We will work with teachers from three campuses. ASIS is well known for its high academic achievements with its first batch of A Levels securing seats in prestigious universities around the world and their students routinely being awarded Best in Thailand and Best in the World for various iGCSE subjects. The school is also well-known for its performing arts and debate.

Honolulu, HI | 11.12 December 2014
Two-day institute in Oahu. I am looking forward to co-teaching with Greg Tang.

Registration details at

That's all for 2014. See you in 2015.