Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Teaching Schedule | BeyondAugust 2017

Oslo, Norway
31 August & 1 September
Oslo Schools is organising another series of talks that I will be giving. Since my visit last year, two colleagues from MCI have presented here.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
4.5.6 Sep 2017
I will be visiting Northbridge International School which I have been to on several previous occasions.

9 Sep 2017
Kuala Lumpur
A chain of enrichment schools in Malaysia is having their training.

16 Sep 2017
Kuala Lumpur
Another chain of enrichment schools in Malaysia is having their training.

20 Sep 2017
Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm is opening a new mathematics theme park. I am the keynote speaker for the event.

20.21.22 Sep 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Natur & Kultur is providing professional development opportunities for teachers including those who are using the Swedish version of the textbook that I am a researcher / consultant to.

25.26 27.28. 29 Sep 2017
3R Teacher Training is orgainisng several events in the US including PD for three school districts in CT and NY.

Northshore Schools
Wilton Schools
Dobbs Ferry School District 

5 October 2017
Event by Mentari Books

6.7 Oct 2017
Events by Mentari books for users of New Syllabus Mathematics NSM textbook series.

A series of events between 9 and 20 Oct in London and beyond.

Lesson Study in Manchester 
Three-day event hosted by St Mary's Primary School

Lesson Study in London 
Three-day event hosted by Three Bridges Primary School

26.27 Oct 2017
Rex Book store is hosting workshops for users of the Singapore textbook that is aligned with the K-12 Filipino latest curriculum.

1.2.3 Nov 2017

8.9 Nov 2017
New Rochelle

7 Nov 2017
Visit to Westport School District

20.21 Nov 2017
Events for secondary school Teachers

30 Nov
I will present at a conference in Bangkok

24.25.26 27.28 Nov 2017
Nagoya and Fukui
WALS Conference and the subsequent immersion Programme.

4.5 Dec 2017
Maths - No Problem!'s events in San Fracncisco.


And then I will have my vacation.

Friday, July 28, 2017

2018 Schedule

18.19 January 2018

29.30 January 2018
Honolulu HI
1.2 February 2018
Palm Beach FL

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Teaching Schedule | August 2017

for courses organised by Shinglee Publishers which I am a consultant to.

for courses organised by Maths - No Problem! which are typically in England and, sometimes, elsewhere.

1 August 2017
Shinglee Publishers annual workshop for Singapore teachers

The focus is on how to find inspiration to write good test items.

2 August 2017
New Town Secondary School is having a workshop for its teachers.

The focus is on planning lessons that can bring about deep learning.

4.5 August 2017
I am visiting Bina Bangsa School in Indonesia for the on-going professional development for its mathematics teachers. I have been visiting this school for many, many years now.

Baltimore MD
7.8 August 2017
A conference presented by Greg Tang, Dr Bill Tozzo and me.


Little Rock AR
9.10 August 2017
I am visiting Pulaski Academy in Little Rock AR. 

15.16.17 August 2017
I am visiting Keys School Manila School for the on-going professional development for its mathematics teachers . I have been visiting this school for many, many years too.

Register for one-day event at

18 August 2017
A workshop by Rex Bookstore for teachers from schools that use Filipino K-12 Curriculum Edition of New Syllabus Primary Mathematics.

19 August 2017
The third part of a comprehensive 18-hour course for secondary Teachers. this time focusing on Statistic and Probability. This is Organised by Alkem Professional Development APROD.
Register at

24 August 2017
I am speaking with parents of Pathlight School. This time it is for secondary parents.


Oslo, Norway
31 August & 1 September
Oslo Schools is organising another series of talks that I will be giving. Since my visit last year, two colleagues from MCI have presented here,

Teaching Schedule | July 2017

1 July 
Register at

3.4.5 July
London, England
This is the signature three-day course that I teach on regular basis.
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6.7 July
Machester, England 
This is a new course on how to plan effective lessons using a textbook.
Register at

11.12.13 July
Kansas City MO
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14 July 
Phoenix AZ
I will teach for a day at this conference.
I am offering g four sessions, three of them are now closed for registration.
Register at 

24.25 July
Seattle WA
Register at 

There is also one in New England where a great line-up of speakers will be there. I am sorry I am not able to make it for this one.
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7.8 August
Register at 

26.27 July 
Philadelphia PA
Math in Focus National Intitute 
I am presenting on two of the three days at the institute
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28 July
Wilkesboro, NC
Visit to North Wilkesboro Elementary School

Sunday, May 21, 2017


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Friday, February 24, 2017

Teaching Schedule | June 2017

June 2017 

5.6 June 2017
Blaine, USA
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8.9 June 2017
Visit to Our Lady of Pity R C Primary School in England June 2017
Universidad de Alcalá de Henares 
Thirty-hour course over five days for educators teaching in Spanish.

19.20 21.22 23.24 June 2017
The well-known beach conference at Jacksonville, FL.

Registration at

27.28 June 2017
Schools Cluster Workshops hosted by Whitley Secondary School and Raffles Girls' Secondary School.

29.30 June 2017
Bangkok, Thailand 
Sessions organised by Learning Tree 
A colleague will teach a couple of courses and I will too.

Teaching Schedule | May 2017

May 2017
On a panel in London with Carol Tomlinson and other speakers.

1.2.3 May 2017
Trinidad and Tobago

A three-day course including fundamentals of Singapore Math and model method.

This public seminar is open to the public.

Register with 

10 May 2017
Marshall Cavendish Education and Mentari Books are organising a professional development day for two schools Dian Harapan School and Springfield School in Jakarta.

Workshop of Mathematical Problem Solving

How do we teach problem solving? This workshop addresses cultivating a culture for problem solving and developing basics skills - there are five - for problem solving. Participants will learn about problem-solving heuristics, diagnosing difficulties in word problems and assessing problem solving.

15 May 2017
London, England
An introductory course on teaching secondary mathematics 

16 May 2017
London, England
Professional development for Maths - No Problem! England-based trainers

17 May 2017
London, England
The Royal Society
I will deliver a keynote at this annual conference. Dr Carol Tomlinson will be there as well.
Register at http://www.mathsnoproblem.co.uk/annual-mastery-conference-2017

18-19 May 2017
Two-day course on fractions.

22-26 May 2017
Cardiff, Wales
An International Day Out
A one-day conference on 22 May with senior leaders, headteachers, policy makers, school inspectors and university professors.
Venue: The Vale Hotel 

Two two-day courses organised by The Learning Partnership Wales

29.30 May 2017
Manila, The Philippines
Annual visit to Victory Christian International School in Manila.

31 May 2017
Manila, The Phillipines
Alkem Professional Development is organising the second session on high school mathematics on geometry and trigonometry.

Registration details in the poster