Monday, January 9, 2017

Teaching Schedule | February and Beyond

February 2017

13.27 Feb 2017
I will be visiting schools in Brunei to observe how teachers who have attended our courses are doing.

March 2017

4.5 Mar 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Seminar for SAM Thailand 
This two-day seminar is for owners of SAM Thailand, an chain of enrichment schools, and their teachers.

13-23 Mar 2017
London, England (venue: TBC)
Public seminars for primary school teachers.
Watch this space for registration details.

29-30 Mar 2017
Jakarta, Indonesia

April 2017
6-7 Apr 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
I am at Anglo-Singapore International School to train the teachers. Apr 2017
Easton-Redding Schools

21 Apr 2017
Ridgefiled Schools
The evening before is reserved for an Evening with Parents 

24.25 Apr 2017

26 Apr 2017

27-28 Apr 2017
Natick, MA, USA
Verve Crowne Plaza Hotel
A conference in Massachucetts featuring Dr Richard Bisk, Dr Bill Tozzo and me.
Register at 3R Teacher Training website

May 2017

1.2.3 May 2017
Trinidad and Tobago

15-19 May 2017

22-26 May 2017

Jun 2017
5-9 May 2017

19.20 21.22 23.24 Jun 2017
The well-known beach conference at Jacksonville.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Teaching Schedule | January 2017

January 2017
Manila | London | Penang 

26 Dec 2016
Chiangmai, Thailand
Chiangmai University
A graduate course on reporting research for graduate students at Chiangmai University kicks off my teaching year.

14 Jan 2017
Manila, The Philippines 
Prestige Tower F, Ortigas Center, Pasig
Public seminar for high school teachers on numbers and algebra.
Contact for registration details or visit my Facebook Page.

But it is now fully subscribed. See you at the next seminar. Inform Dot if your are interested to attend another one to be held at a future date.

16.17 Jan 2017
London, England 
Prospero House 
This is the second part of professional development for Maths Hubs that adopt Maths - No Problem! for the textbook trials.

18.19.20 Jan 2017
London, England
I will visit Belleville Primary School in London for lesson-study activities.

23-24 Jan 2017
Penang, Malaysia 
A course on teaching higher-order thinking skills (KBAT) through primary mathematics. This course is open to all including international participants, if you do not mind traveling to Penang, home to a UNESCO Heritage Site and the best place on earth for street food, according to Lonely Planet. 
Contact for registration details or visit my Facebook Page.

It is now fully subscribed but put your name on the list for a possible repeat of this course on a future date.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

World Association of Lesson Studies 2016 | Exeter, UK

I attended the conference as a member of WALS Council member. I have been an auditor to the association for the last two years. 

Next year we will meet in Nagoya.
Please contact me if you are interested to join one of the symposiums that I plan to propose for the Nagoya conference.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | November 2016

I do not usually teach in December. 

Farmington School District | Farmington CT 8 Nov
One-day institute followed by three open lessons later this month.

3R Teacher Training | New Rochelle NY
9.10 Nov 
Two-day institute organised by

Hackley School | Tarrytown NY
11 Nov
One-day session with elementary teachers with a short meeting with middle school teachers.

Department of Education | Honolulu HI
14.15 Nov
Teachers from several schools including Manoa Elementary School attended a one-day session on Stepping Stones.

Learning Tree | Bangkok, Thailand
18 Nov
One-day course for primary and secondary on visualization and problem solving.

Learning Tree | Chiangmai, Thailand
19 Nov
One-day course for primary and secondary on visualization and problem solving.

School visits and meetings to understand the Spanish system.

Farmington School District | Farmington, CT 28 Nov
Union School and West Wood Upper Elementary School are hosting three open lessons as a follow-up to a one-day institute held earlier in November.

There is also a session for parents.

Wilton Schools | Wilton CT
29 Nov
Open lessons in Cider Mill School and Miller-Driscoll School.

Covenant School | Charlotsville VA 
30 Nov and 1.2 Dec
The school will host several open lessons and co-host a one-day institute for about 100 teachers.

Monday, July 25, 2016

International Congress on Mathematics Education ICME 13 Hamburg 24-31 July 2016

My invited paper will be presented at TSG4 Activities for, and Research on, Mathematically Gifted Students. I am kicking off Third Session on Friday with the paper Instructional Models and Pedagogical Tools to Encourage and Promote Mathematical Talents.

Details are available after the presentation 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Presentation to Minister of Education Brunei Darussalam

Teachers as Learners
Brunei mathematics teachers completed about 120 hours of pedagogical content knowledge course with Marshall Cavendish Institute.
Teachers as Observers of Learning 
During Master Teachers Programmme, we introduce lesson study to the master teachers. We also modelled lesson-study discussion during school visits.
Teachers as Reflective Practitioners
When it becomes a culture ...

We talked about mindset being the biggest obstacle in teacher change.

4-I Model of Teacher Change
Ignore Imitate Integate Internalise

The entire ecosystem needs to change to bring about effect on student outcomes. I talked about the four apects of the system that needs attention - direction, national assessment (push), professional development and textbooks (support) and school leaders (enabler). 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | October 2016

MATHTED | Manila, The Philippines
20.21.22 October

I will deliver a plenary lecture at MATHTED International Conference to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.

Expanding Boundaries, Making a Difference: Synthesis of Research for Practice in Mathematics Education

In this plenary lecture, we examine what research tells us about effective teaching and learning of mathematics. We will look at five classroom features that support a curriculum that focuses on problem solving and critical thinking. We will also examine conditions that can support the existence and prevalence of such a learning environment. One of the critical condition is the preparation and development of mathematics teachers.

Maths - No Problem! | London, England
3.4.5 October 
Three-day signature Teaching for Mastery Course

Maths - No Problem! | Manchester, England
10.11.12 October 
Three-day signature Teaching for Mastery Course

Weston Public Schools | Weston CT
24.25.26 Oct
I will be at the school district for three days.

On the first day, I am meeting the middle school teachers to discuss, using four open lessons as a platform, questions on differentiation. 

On the second day, I am meeting the high school teachers to discuss algebra lessons to cater to students who have done Singapore Math in middle school.

On the third day, I will meet the elementary teachers who are new to the school district to do a fundamental course on teaching (Singapore) math. 

Northshore School District | Long Island NY
27.28 Oct 
I will be with the school for two days.