Saturday, June 10, 2017

Teaching Schedule | August 2017

for courses organised by Shinglee Publishers which I am a consultant to.

for courses organised by Maths - No Problem! which are typically in England and, sometimes, elsewhere.

1 August 2017
Shinglee Publishers annual workshop for Singapore teachers

The focus is on how to find inspiration to write good test items.

2 August 2017
New Town Secondary School is having a workshop for its teachers.

The focus is on planning lessons that can bring about deep learning.

4.5 August 2017
I am visiting Bina Bangsa School in Indonesia for the on-going professional development for its mathematics teachers. I have been visiting this school for many, many years now.

Baltimore MD
7.8 August 2017
A conference presented by Greg Tang, Dr Bill Tozzo and me.

Little Rock AR
9.10 August 2017
I am visiting Pulaski Academy in Little Rock AR. 

15.16.17 August 2017
I am visiting Keys School Manila School for the on-going professional development for its mathematics teachers . I have been visiting this school for many, many years too.

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18 August 2017
A workshop by Rex Bookstore for teachers from schools that use Filipino K-12 Curriculum Edition of New Syllabus Primary Mathematics.

19 August 2017
The third part of a comprehensive 18-hour course for secondary Teachers. this time focusing on Statistic and Probability. This is Organised by Alkem Professional Development APROD.
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24 August 2017
I am speaking with parents of Pathlight School. This time it is for secondary parents.


Oslo, Norway
31 August & 1 September
Oslo Schools is organising another series of talks that I will be giving. Since my visit last year, two colleagues from MCI have presented here,


  1. I recently (Petra Bompart writing from my husband's page) attended your seminar in Trinidad and Tobago. We held an in school workshop and the staff is really interested in the bar method as well as the approach to the 4 operations. We realise that there is a need for students to have developed strong number sense with a solid foundation in number bonds. Can you give us a hierarchy of skills / approaches that should be taught at each level so that our students can develop critical thinking in the area of Mathematics using the methods shown. Thank you

    Petra Bompart

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