Sunday, January 24, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | May 2016

3R Teacher Training | New Rochelle
This is a public event. It comprises of two days for elementary teachers and one day for teachers in Grades 6-8. Registration information is available here.

Easton-Redding School District | Connecticut
I will conduct open lessons which serve as a platform for professional conversation and learning.

Maths - No Problem! | London 
I will speaking at the The Confident Mathematics Teacher conference to be held at Kings Place on 13 May. Register here

Maths - No Problem! | Manchester
This is the signature three-day course to be held in a school in Altrincham, Cheshire near Manchester.
Maths - No Problem! | Ellesmere Port
This is a newly-crafted advanced course on fractions to be held at Ellesmere Port near Liverpool.
Victory Christian International School | Manila 
I will be working with the mathematics team to strengthen their mathematics program. 

MOE Kindergartens | Singapore
I will be conducting a one-day course on differentiated instruction in early numeracy.This is organised by Pre-School Education of the Singapore Ministry of Education. This is happening on 31 May.

Courses by Yeap Ban Har | April 2016

Other than running three sessions for parents in Pathlight School on various topics in mathematics and sciences, I will be teaching in several school districts as well as a state conference. I am also facilitating several sessions when educators from England are in Singapore in the later part of April.

Pathlight School | Singapore
Parents of students of Pathlight School would have received information on registration for the three sessions to be held on the evening of 20.21.22 April.

Primary 1-2 Parents
Guiding Your Child at Home in Maths

Primary 3-6 Parents
Primary School Science Process Skills - What Are They?

Secondary School Parents
Doing Well in Science and Maths at Secondary Level

If it is up to me, I will have all of you plus your friends. But the principal has decreed - there is only so much space in the school hall, so one parent per student, on a first-come-first-served basis. 😂

Weston Public Schools | Connecticut
Over three days, I will meet with grade level groups, from kindergarten through high school. 4.5.6 April

Wesport Public Schools | Connecticut
Over five days, we will engage in lesson study type lesson planning, teaching and post-lesson discussion with different grade levels in elementary school and secondary school. April

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools | Chicago
I will be doing three open lessons on 14 April and a workshop on 15 April.

Latin School | Chicago
This is my third visit to the school. 25.26.27 April 

Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics | Duluth

Rose Taylor Symposium for Mathematics Education and Leadership | I will lead the symposium that had the theme Mathematics Lessons That Work - Lesson Structure and Classroom Management Practices. 
28 April | Register here

I will stay on to deliver the opening keynote address at the state's annual conference on 29 April. I will also do a concurrent session on 30 April.

There is also an England-Singapore Professional Development to be held in Singapore. Three schools in Singapore will be joining this event. About twenty or so educators from England will join our teachers.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Courses by Yeap Ban Har | March 2016

I am visiting schools in South Africa. I first visited some of these schools a few years ago.

Cape Town | South Africa 2.3 March 
United Herzlia Schools and Wynberg Girls Junior School

Herzlia Highlands Primary hosted the open lessons on the first day and Wynberg Girls Junior School did the same on the second day. In all we had eleven open lessons. Each open lesson was attended by about thirty teachers from various schools. Herzlia High School was the venue for the Grades 3-6 workshop for about 50 teachers and Wynberg Girls Junior School hosted the Grades 1-3 workshop for about the same number of teachers.

Sessions for parents were hosted by Wynberg Girls Junior School and Herzlia Wiesmann Primary School. 

Johannesburg | South Africa March
King David Schools

Visiting Professorship to Chinese University of Hong Kong March
I taught a lesson in a MSc Course 6162 Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Under Curriculum Reform. Using Singapore curriculum as a case study, we discussed curriculum development, focus, implementation and challenges. In particular, there was a lot of discussion on learner diversity.  I also conducted a seminar for the faculty as well as PGDE and other students at the university on the topic of teacher education in Singapore.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | February 2016

I do not teach much in February because of the Chinese New Year Celebrations when I get to spend time with my family.

I teach the three-day signature Maths - No Problem! course for the first time in Nottingham. Eighty teachers attended this.
A church in Nottingham

See for details of future courses or contact

I will also be teaching a two-day course in Sendai, Japan. This is organised by Tohoku International School. About thirty teachers from three schools attended the two-day session.

The professional development session focuses on teaching mathematics in a 
problem-solving approach. Research-based approaches will be discussed for 
lessons for students to learn new ideas, to consolidate ideas and to apply 
ideas. Participants will also get to revisit some content areas that are 
difficult for students. There is plenty of opportunities to interact with 
the facilitator and raise questions. The examples span grades K-8.

Daikannon in Sendai ~ one of the tallest statues in the world

That's all that fits into February.