Friday, October 29, 2010

APEC-Chiangmai Lesson Study International Symposium IV, Chiangmai Thailand, 2-6 November 2010

APEC-Chiang Mai International Conference IV:
Innovation of Mathematics Teaching and Learning through Lesson Study
Connection between Assessment and Subject Matter

Day 1
I will be on the post-lesson disucssion for a Grade 1 Maths research lesson with Lim Chap Sam (Malaysia), Cheng Chun Chor Litwin (Hong Kong, China), Marsigit (Indonesia), Young-suk Lee (South Korea) and Shizumi Shimizu (Japan)

Day 3
I am doing a specialist presentation . Soledad A. Ulep (The Philippines) is in the same session. I am also doing the commentary with Litwin Cheng (Hong Kong, China) at the specialsit presentations by Tran Vui (Vietnam) and Marsigit (Indonesia).

Day 4
I am on the Panel Discussion on he topic: How to assess students’ mathematical learning in problem solving classroom with David Tall (UK), Wang Shangzhi (China), Hee Chan Lew (South Korea), and Masami Isoda (Japan) moderated by Max Stephens (Autralia)

Monday, October 18, 2010

North Utah Curriculum Consortium Annual Adminsitrative Conference, 28 October 2010

October 27th (6:00-7:00 p.m.)
Yeap Ban Har will be speaking to a group called 'The High School Renewal Committee'. It is a group of parents, business leaders, administrators, teachers, school board members and university representatives. The primary purpose of the group is to design a world-class mathematics system for the Cache County School District. Dr Craig Asthon, Diretcor of Curriculum for Cache County School District is the chair the group.

Ban Har will share his thoughts about the organization of the Singapore curriculum and why it has been so successful.

October 28th (9:00-10:30 a.m.)
Yeap Ban Har is the keynote speaker to approximately 300 administrators in the Eccles Conference Center Auditorium on the campus of Utah State University. The title of the lecture is 'Common Core Standards in Mathematics...A View From Asia'.

October 28th (1:15-2:30 p.m.)
YEap Ban Har will be speaking to approximately 100 Math Specialists from eleven school districts. The topic is Effective Problem Solving Strategies for Students that Struggle.

October 28th (2:45-3:30 p.m.)
This will be an informal meeting with teachers and math coaches from the Cache County School District. It will be a question and answer session.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

NCTM 2010 Regional Conferences & Expositions, Denver, Colorado 7-8 October 2010

One of the participants wrote to me about her learning experience at the session on Problem Solving in the Singapore Classrooms.

"I had the privilege of attending one of your sessions at the NCTM in San Diego last spring. I think we were into our third modeling problem when time elapsed. I had to stay to finish, because I actually "felt myself learn" in my brain, as I applied what we had discovered in the first problem to the third one... It was an 'epiphany', but a 'math epiphany', and one of the neatest things I've experienced. I have, and will continue to share with others this experience, and perhaps learn how to help others experience the same..."

Cathy, a fourth grade US teacher

2011 Mathematics Teachers Conference, Singapore, 2 June 2011

Using Anchor Tasks to Develop Students' Ability in Communication, Reasoning and Connections in Primary Mathematics

In many Japanese mathematics lessons that I have observed, teachers use one task to organise a lesson. In this session, it will be demonstrated how an anchor task can be used to build a culture where communication, reasoning and connections is the norm. The teacher's role in such classrooms will be evident through demonstrations. The demosntrations include lessons meant to teach a new concept as well as lessons for drill-and-practice.