Thursday, December 5, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

APEC-Khon Kaen International Conference VII, Khon Kaen, Thailand 13-16 September 2013

Open Lesson by Mr. Yutaka Oneda (Japan) on seeing planes in three-dimensional solids. I was the moderator of the post-lesson discussion.

Yeap Ban Har (Singapore), Patsy Wang-Iverson (USA) and Michael Kleine (Germany) are on the panel for the post-lesson discussion.

Together with other country specialists, I will be presenting the work done on lesson study related to floods and mathematics. Country specialists are also working on contributing learning activities.

Project Overseers are Japan / Tsukuba University and Thailand / Khon Kaen University.

Nobuaki Kawasaki, a master teacher from High School attached to Tsukuba University shared how he used data to model typhoon. Roberto Araya (University of Chile and Ministry of Education Chile) described the Chilean case study a lesson on modelling propagation phenomena such as earthquake. The lesson study was done with grade five and grad eight classes. They used CPA and USAB to frame the lesson.

Subanar and Fadjar Shadiq (Indonesia) as well as Olinda Moloche (Peru) presented the work done by the team from Ministry of  Education Peru.

On the first day, I presented the case study on a collection of lessons connected to floods for primary as well as secondary levels. Litwin Cheng (Hong Kong Institute of Education) presented the case study on a collection  of worksheets based typhoons. 

On the third day, Lew Hee Chan (South Korea) talked about problem solving on South Korea and Masami Isoda (Japan) talked about using lesson study to develop student problem posing. Soledad Ulep rounded up the keynote lectures on the third day.

Conference Programme 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden 6 - 9 September 2013


I will be a discussant where Kiyomi Akaita and Camilla Bj√∂rklund will be presenting on lesson study in early childhood education. This is one of the plenary panels planned for the conference.

The slides used in discussing Akita and Bjorklund's presentations are available here.

C. Bjorklund (Sweden)

K. Akita (Japan)

Monday, April 15, 2013

NCTM Annual Meeting and Convention, Denver, Colorado, USA 17-20 April 2013

I presented a session on Friday morning.

These are the problems discussed at the session I presented.

I also presented at an event organized by HMH on the evening of 17 April 2013.


Monday, March 4, 2013

East Asian Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME6), Phuket, Thailand, 17-22 March 2013

I will conducted an invited workshop on using textbooks. Participants will learn to use textbooks to plan problem-based lessons and in doing lesson study.

I also deliver a short lecture on lesson study and participate in the post-lesson discussion for a Grade 1 lesson.

EARCOME6 Website

This is the program.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

UNISA Research Study on Mathematics Teacher Professional Development Program, Pretoria, South Africa, 4-6 March 2013

Analyses of Mathematics Teacher Professional Development Programs in Selected Developed and Developing Countries: Insights for Quality Mathematics Instruction in Sub-Saharan African Countries (Math-TPDP).

This project is by University of South Africa (UNISA)'s newly-formed Department of Mathematics Education.

It was held in Leopard Lodge, on the outskirts of Pretoria.
Leopard Lodge - venue of research meeting

Prof Luckson M. Kaino as a leader of the research study welcomed the researchers. Prof M. G. Ngoepe (Chair of Department) gave an overview of the newly-formed department.

Prof El Yacoubi (Morocco) and Prof Kasanda (Namibia) presented overviews of teacher education and professional development programmes in their respective countries.

As of 2010, all teacher preparation programmes came under one university (University of Namibia). This is like the case of Singapore. At the moment, it does not offer any teacher professional development programme. This is unlike Singapore where National Institute of Education does offer some in-service courses. However, teachers are able to all
kinds of professional development courses with other agencies.

Prof Kasanda identified having a structured professional development programme for teachers to be a way to overcome the problem of low achievement among students.

After I presented the case of Singapore where I outlines preserving and inservice programmes in Singapore, Prof Mtetwa (Zimbabwe) and Prof Dhlamini (South Africa) presented their cases.

Prof Rogerson (Poland) discussed the situation in Poland.

He discussed the three factors - government taking the lead and provision of resources for learning from the best practices from around the world, the people for having the will to want these reforms and building educational infrastructure. This includes reforms in pre-service and inservice teacher education, role and status of teachers and curriculum and teaching methods.

For resources see

Prof Ramatlapana shared the case of Botswana. Prof Lew discussed the case of South Korea.

In South Korea, mathematics teachers are known to be well equipped with knowledge of mathematics and mathematics education but they are also not opened to students' ideas. Prof Lew shared some characteristics of typical Korean teachers.

There are various initiatives introduced by the government such as pre service and inservice education, teacher employment test and incentives such as sabbatical year and master teacher system.

Prof Kita (Tanzania) rounded up the country presentation.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

APEC-Tsukuba International Conference VII, Tokyo Japan, 14-17 February 2013

For details of the conference, please see the conference website.

Innovation of Mathematics Education 

through Lesson Study

Challenges to Mathematics Education 

in Emergency Preparedness 

Learning from Experience, Science of Disasters, and Preparing for the Future focusing on Flood and Typhoon

International Workshop on Philippine and Singapore Mathematics, Baguio City The Philippines, 28-30 January 2013

The Philippine Educators Management Consultants, Inc. (PEMCI) will conduct an  International Workshop on Philippine and Singapore Mathematics to be held at Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza, Baguio City on January 28-30, 2013 with the theme “Promoting Critical and Creative Thinking: Philippine and Singapore Mathematics.

This event is endorsed by Department of Education. See details.