Saturday, September 7, 2013

APEC-Khon Kaen International Conference VII, Khon Kaen, Thailand 13-16 September 2013

Open Lesson by Mr. Yutaka Oneda (Japan) on seeing planes in three-dimensional solids. I was the moderator of the post-lesson discussion.

Yeap Ban Har (Singapore), Patsy Wang-Iverson (USA) and Michael Kleine (Germany) are on the panel for the post-lesson discussion.

Together with other country specialists, I will be presenting the work done on lesson study related to floods and mathematics. Country specialists are also working on contributing learning activities.

Project Overseers are Japan / Tsukuba University and Thailand / Khon Kaen University.

Nobuaki Kawasaki, a master teacher from High School attached to Tsukuba University shared how he used data to model typhoon. Roberto Araya (University of Chile and Ministry of Education Chile) described the Chilean case study a lesson on modelling propagation phenomena such as earthquake. The lesson study was done with grade five and grad eight classes. They used CPA and USAB to frame the lesson.

Subanar and Fadjar Shadiq (Indonesia) as well as Olinda Moloche (Peru) presented the work done by the team from Ministry of  Education Peru.

On the first day, I presented the case study on a collection of lessons connected to floods for primary as well as secondary levels. Litwin Cheng (Hong Kong Institute of Education) presented the case study on a collection  of worksheets based typhoons. 

On the third day, Lew Hee Chan (South Korea) talked about problem solving on South Korea and Masami Isoda (Japan) talked about using lesson study to develop student problem posing. Soledad Ulep rounded up the keynote lectures on the third day.

Conference Programme