Saturday, June 10, 2017

Teaching Schedule | August 2017

for courses organised by Shinglee Publishers which I am a consultant to.

for courses organised by Maths - No Problem! which are typically in England and, sometimes, elsewhere.

1 August 2017
Shinglee Publishers annual workshop for Singapore teachers

The focus is on how to find inspiration to write good test items.

2 August 2017
New Town Secondary School is having a workshop for its teachers.

The focus is on planning lessons that can bring about deep learning.

4.5 August 2017
I am visiting Bina Bangsa School in Indonesia for the on-going professional development for its mathematics teachers. I have been visiting this school for many, many years now.

Baltimore MD
7.8 August 2017
A conference presented by Greg Tang, Dr Bill Tozzo and me.

Little Rock AR
9.10 August 2017
I am visiting Pulaski Academy in Little Rock AR. 

15.16.17 August 2017
I am visiting Keys School Manila School for the on-going professional development for its mathematics teachers . I have been visiting this school for many, many years too.

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18 August 2017
A workshop by Rex Bookstore for teachers from schools that use Filipino K-12 Curriculum Edition of New Syllabus Primary Mathematics.

19 August 2017
The third part of a comprehensive 18-hour course for secondary Teachers. this time focusing on Statistic and Probability. This is Organised by Alkem Professional Development APROD.
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24 August 2017
I am speaking with parents of Pathlight School. This time it is for secondary parents.


Oslo, Norway
31 August & 1 September
Oslo Schools is organising another series of talks that I will be giving. Since my visit last year, two colleagues from MCI have presented here,

Teaching Schedule | July 2017

1 July 
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3.4.5 July
London, England
This is the signature three-day course that I teach on regular basis.
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6.7 July
Machester, England 
This is a new course on how to plan effective lessons using a textbook.
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11.12.13 July
Kansas City MO
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14 July 
Phoenix AZ
I will teach for a day at this conference.
I am offering g four sessions, three of them are now closed for registration.
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24.25 July
Seattle WA
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There is also one in New England where a great line-up of speakers will be there. I am sorry I am not able to make it for this one.
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7.8 August
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26.27 July 
Philadelphia PA
Math in Focus National Intitute 
I am presenting on two of the three days at the institute
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28 July
Wilkesboro, NC
Visit to North Wilkesboro Elementary School