Thursday, January 24, 2013

APEC-Tsukuba International Conference VII, Tokyo Japan, 14-17 February 2013

For details of the conference, please see the conference website.

Innovation of Mathematics Education 

through Lesson Study

Challenges to Mathematics Education 

in Emergency Preparedness 

Learning from Experience, Science of Disasters, and Preparing for the Future focusing on Flood and Typhoon

International Workshop on Philippine and Singapore Mathematics, Baguio City The Philippines, 28-30 January 2013

The Philippine Educators Management Consultants, Inc. (PEMCI) will conduct an  International Workshop on Philippine and Singapore Mathematics to be held at Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza, Baguio City on January 28-30, 2013 with the theme “Promoting Critical and Creative Thinking: Philippine and Singapore Mathematics.

This event is endorsed by Department of Education. See details.