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Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | February 2015

Feb 3-4: In February, I visit Bina Bangsa Schools in Indonesia in my capacity as their maths consultant. This school runs the Singapore curriculum. This is a school event. I visit the school again in September.

Feb 7: Alkem Professional Development is hosting a public seminar in Cebu. This seminar series has travelled to manila last November and Davao in January. Contact Dorothy Ngo of Alkem Professional Development for registration details. 

On 24 February, I am teaching an open lesson for teachers in several schools in Penang. The session is facilitated by University Science Malaysia (USM) Abg hosted by Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Dato  Keramat. Master Teacherscfrom the state also attended the session. The lesson is a concept development lesson for Year 5 students using the problem-solving approach. 

I will also give an invited lecture to preservice teachers at Teachers Training College Penang (IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang). The topic is three types of lessons using the problem-solving approach. This is scheduled for 11 am to 1 pm on 26 Feb.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | January 2015

10 January | Davao, The Philippines
Alkem Professional Development APROD will bring what we had in Manila in November 2014 on Core Ideas in Early Mathematics for Kindergarten teachers and Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in Elementary Mathematics educators in Davao.

Contact: Alkem Professional Development

21.22.23 January | London, United Kingdom
Maths No Problem will be hosting a three-day workshop on teaching mathematics at primary level in an effort to support UK teachers in implementing the new curriculum. Teachers from schools in the pilot textbook project will attend this session in London. Participants are from several primary schools connected to a Maths Hub.

26.27.28 January | Manchester, United Kingdom
I have been teaching a five-day course on teaching primary school mathematics. In Manchester, we will be doing a three-day version of this course. More than forty teachers from 17 schools in a Maths Hub attended the course. This Maths Hub plans to have repeats of this course in the coming school year.

Check out Maths No Problem's events on their website.

30-31 January | Manila, The Philippines
Rex Bookstore in collaboration with Shinglee Publishers will be holding a two-day event.
On the first day, Professor Soledad Ulep from UP and a panel of concurrent session speakers will address issues on K-12 initiatives and elements of mathematics education in Singapore such as model drawing. I will represent on the second day where I talk about Pedagogies of Singapore Mathematics  with an emphasis on assessment system in Singapore. There is also a session on junior high school mathematics focusing on instruction and assessment.

Contact: Rex Publishers

Sunday, November 23, 2014

World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference 2014, Bandung Indonesia, November 2014

Expert Seminar

Akita Kiyomi | My Reflection Here

Ko Po Yuk | My Reflection Here

Catherine Lewis | My Reflection Here

John Elliot | My Reflection Here

JICA | My Reflection Here

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

APEC-Khon Kaen International Conference VIII, Khon Kaen, Thailand September 2014

International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education at UP NISMED, Manila Philippines, 28-30 October 2014

This conference is hosted by National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education at University of the Philippines.

Yeap, B. H. (2014). Teaching mathematics through problem solving. Plenary Lecture presented at International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education. University of the Philippines. 28 October 2014. 

Slides |

World Association of Lesson Studies WALS 2014 Conference, Bandung Indonesia, 25-28 November 2014

The conference is scheduled for November with the Expert Seminar on 24 November 2014. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har (Quarter 4)

November and December

Singapore | 4 November 2014
Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in Singapore is running six classes for kindergarten teachers - Development of Numeracy in Early Childhood, a basic two-day course for teaching kindergarten numeracy. I am teaching Day 1 of the final class for the year. It will be held at Singapore Management University and the course is run by Marshall Cavendish Institute. It is open to all Singapore kindergarten teachers.

Look out for this in 2015 if registration is already closed. Also new courses on specific areas of numeracy in 2015. Look out for them in your prospectus.

Registration details, please contact

Honolulu, HI | 7 November 2014
A one-day institute for a collection of schools on Oahu. This is organized by SDE. This event is not a public one.

Venue: McKinley Community Schools for Adults Honolulu

Singapore | 11 November 2014
A short seminar on alternative assessment in mathematics at Raffles Girls' School, one of the schools that use New Syllabus Mathematics, the secondary level textbook that I am a consultant to.

Singapore | 15 November 2014
Purple Parade to celebrate diversity and abilities organized by Autism Resource Singapore which Pathlight School belongs to. If you are in Singapore come in purple. Hong Lim Park near Chinatown (Clarke Quay MRT) between 3 pm and 7.30 pm. You will likely see me helping put in one of the stalls. It is a carnival - rain or shine.

See Purple Parade on Facebook.

Taipei, Taiwan | November 2014
I will be spending a week in this school in Taipei, visiting classes and doing professional development courses for teachers in this school. This is not a public event.

Bandung, Indonesia | 25.26.27 November 2014
World Association for Lesson Studies WALS Conference 2014
I will be attending the Expert Seminar on 24/11/2014 prior to the conference. I will chair a plenary session on lesson studies in early childhood and present a paper for Marshall Cavendish Institute, co-authored with Peggy Foo. Last year, Gothenburg Sweden was the host. Next Year, Khon Kaen Thailand will be the host.

See WALS 2014 website.

Manila, The Philippines | 29 November 2014
I will be working with an organization to bring regular professional development to teachers in the Philippines and this is the appetizer. Full details will be available at this event. Exciting.

This seminar is to introduce plans for 2015.

You will hear me speak on two topics and another presenter discuss similar ideas in science education.

What are the Core Ideas in Early Mathematics (2 hours)
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in Elementary School Mathematics (2 hours)

Registration details: To be announced

Phnom Penh, Cambodia | 1.2 December 2014
My second visit to Northbridge International School Cambodia  to visit the school and run workshops for the teachers.

Bangkok, Thailand | 3 December 2014
The Learning Tree and Shinglee Publishers are planning to have a seminar for school leaders to share latest development in mathematics education to help. Them plan their schools' programmes.

Registration details: To be announced

Bangkok, Thailand | 4.5.6 December 2014
My former colleague Dr Ruth Wong and I will be visiting Anglo Singapore International School, a school that we have been consultants for. We will work with teachers from three campuses. ASIS is well known for its high academic achievements with its first batch of A Levels securing seats in prestigious universities around the world and their students routinely being awarded Best in Thailand and Best in the World for various iGCSE subjects. The school is also well-known for its performing arts and debate.

Honolulu, HI | 11.12 December 2014
Two-day institute in Oahu. I am looking forward to co-teaching with Greg Tang.

Registration details at

That's all for 2014. See you in 2015.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har (Quarter 4)

October 2014

The Netherlands | 30 September and 1.2 October |
I will spend a day in a school, Snijdersschool in Rijswijk, to observe mathematic lessons across grade levels. At the end of the day, I will get to share with the teachers the fundamentals of mathematics teaching.

I will also be present at several events organized by Bazaalt who published a Dutch version based on My Pals Are Here! Among others, I will be speaking with a group of trainers that provide professional development for Dutch teachers as well as teachers who have been using Rekenwonders, the Dutch version of a Singapore textbook. On one of the afternoons, I will conduct a masterclass on teaching basic skills as well as problem solving using bar models.

Contact Bazalt for details.

Jakarta, Indonesia | 11 October 2014
I will be doing a one-day workshop in my capacity as a consultant to New Syllabus Mathematics, a popular secondary textbook series in Singapore school, for secondary mathematics teachers in Indonesia. The workshop is designed to discuss lesson structure as well as how to teach matrices, indices and trigonometry.

Contact Mentari Books Indonesia for details.

Washington D. C. | 14.15.16 October | Marshall Cavendish Education Global Conference

Slides available here

Along with colleagues from National Institute of Education and different parts of the US, I will be making presentations at the conference as well as participating in a forum to discuss lessons learnt from the Singapore experience.

Contact Marshall Cavendish Education for details.

London, United Kingdom | October

Visit to Wirral and London

Contact Maths No Problem for details.

Manila, The Philippines | 28.29.30 October | UP NISMED International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education

I am pleased to be one of the plenary speakers at the conference. It is an honour to be speaker among a list of esteemed colleagues from around the world. I will present on the topic of Teaching through Problem Solving and I hope this is useful to schools and the system as they implement the K-12 initiatives.

See Conference Website ICSME2014 for registration

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har (Quarter 3)


3 September 2014 | Early Childhood Development Agency in Singapore
I am teaching part of MCI's 14-hour course Teaching Kindergarten Mathematics. Registration information is available in the Prospectus for Professional development. This course is run six times this year.

3.24 September 2014 | Autism Resource Center in Singapore
This two-part six hour course is on Teaching Numeracy Skills to children with special needs. Registration information at ARC's website.

5.6.7 September 2014 | Manila in The Philippines
5 September at Keys School Manila
6 September at Ateneo Grade School
7 September at one of the private schools in Manila
Ateneo Grade School | Implementing a World-Class Math Program at AGS
This seminar-workshop is designed for schools that have been trying to reform their mathematics program for several year. The elective topics allow teachers to revisit fundamentals and to rethink current practices. It includes a discussion on assessment and testing, use of manipulatives and remediation with the central theme of how to teach a world-class research-based and theory-driven K-12 mathematics program. This event is co-organized with EdCrisch International and is open to teachers of the school. 

11.12 September | Bangkok in Thailand
11 September at St Gabriel Foundation 
This two-part seminar is on Effective Mathematics Lessons is brought to the teachers by Shinglee Publishers and Learning Tree.

12 September at Rayong English Programme School
This two-part seminar is on the problem-solving approach. Teachers from Garden International School joined the teachers from the bilingual school. September | APEC Lesson Study Conference Khon Kaen in Thailand
I will be presenting an integrated unit on Fire for kindergarten and primary school students that resulted from a lesson study project.


4.5.6 August 2014 | Worcester, Massachusetts in USA
Worcester State University and Marshall Cavendish Institute is organizing the fourth institute in the series. Richard Bisk, Peggy Foo and myself, among several others, will teach at this institute. This is open for registration.

21 August 2014 | Westport, Connecticut in USA
Professional development for Westport School District.

22.25 August 2014 | New Orleans, Louisiana in USA
Professional development for a school in the area.

26 August 2014 | Falmouth, Massachusetts in USA
Professional development for Falmouth School District


4.5 July 2014 | Santiago, Chile
Singapore Math Conference featuring three Singapore speakers and several Chilean educators. I will
be one of the keynote speakers. This event is open to all but I do not have the registration information yet.

7.8 July 2014 | Honolulu, Hawaii in USA
Professional development for three schools in Honolulu.

9.10 July 2014 | Las Vegas, Nevada in USA
I will present on two days at SDE's National Conference on Singapore Math Strategies. This event is open to all.

11 July 2014 | Moanalua Schools in Honolulu, Hawaii in USA
A school will be hosting a day seminar in Honolulu.

14.15.16 July 2014 | Kaihe'e Elementary School, Maui, Hawaii in USA
A school is having a three-day comprehensive professional development for its teachers.

18 July 2014 | Fort Zumwalt School District, Missouri in USA
 This is done with HMH for a school district in MO.

21.22 July 2014 | Blue Springs School District, Missouri in USA
This is done with HMH for Blue Springs School District.

23.24 July 2014 | Chicago, USA
This two-day institute is open to all and is organized by the co-publishers of Math in Focus.


6 June 2014 | Singapore
Regent Secondary School is having a professional development days for its mathematics department before the teachers take a mid-year break.

2-5 June and 23-26 June 2014 | Brunei Darulsalam
Ministry of Education Brunei in partnership with Marshall Cavendish Institute is providing a multi-phase comprehensive professional development for all its primary teachers. I am teaching several classes on these days with several colleagues from the institute. June 2014 | Hopkins, Minnesota in USA

Blake Institute is a comprehensive institute for teachers of elementary levels. This is particularly useful if they are using Math in Focus or Primary Mathematics. This is an open institute and teachers from other schools are able to participate.

Contact for information. June 2014 | Jacksonville, Florida in USA
Two 2.5 days institute for lower and upper primary mathematics by the beach in Florida. This institute is taught by Sarah Schaefer and myself. This is an open institute.

Additional session have been added for the week after due to oversubscription. Unfortunately, I am not able to stay on because of my teaching duties in Brunei.

Contact or register at [M4th]odology Institute's website.

28 June 2014 | Manila, The Philippines
This is the second masterclass for trainers in the enrichment program developed for elementary and high schools. The first was held on 30 May 2014.

For enquiries about the program and training program, contact Wallace Panlilio at

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har 2014 (Quarter 2)

April 2014
7.8/April/2014 Oakwood School, Hollywood, CA, USA
This is a one-day professional development event plus one day open lessons with different grade levels.

14.15/April/2014 Archway Classical Academy, Peoria, AZ, USA
This is a two-day event with small-group meetings and open lessons and a plenary at the end of each day.

16/April/2014 Gill St Bernard's School, NJ, USA
This is professional development through open lessons.

17.18/April/2014 Mt San Antonio College, Walnut, CA, USA
I delivered a keynote lecture at the Developmental Education Conference | Parachutes and Ladders XIII. I also spoke to the student body the day before.

Keynote Lecture  is available here.

Contact Martha Hall for details of the conference.

May 2014
30/April/2014 Brussels, Belgium
Teaching Maths Using the Singapore Method
Details are available at Maths No Problem website.  

1/May/2014 London, UK
One-Day Conference on Teaching Mathematics using a Problem-Solving Approach
Royal Institution of Great Britain

I will be speaking at an event with Prof John Mason and Prof Anne Watson.
Details at this website.

12.13.14/May/2014 and 15.16/May/2014 St Petersburg, Russia
I will deliver a lecture at the 4th READ Global Conference for policy makers from eight countries Vietnam, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Armenia.
I will also be doing a workshop on classroom assessment in the post-conference workshop.
This is funded by the READ Fund managed by World Bank

READ Website  Keynote Lecture

19-29/May/2014 Khon Kaen, Thailand
I will be teaching graduate courses at Khon Kaen University's Faculty of Education in a visiting position.

30/May/2013 Manila, The Philippines
Singapore Math Circle Professional Development. This is the first part of a two-part professional development for teachers from schools piloting the enrichment programme for Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6.


31/May/2013 Manila, The Philippines
Professional Development event by EdCrisch International

Contact EdCrisch International for registration details.
This event is open to all adopting schools in The Philippines.

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Schedule for Yeap Ban Har 2014 (Quarter 1)

March 2014
3/3/14 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
A presentation to Ministry of Education with the Minister of Education as the Guest-of-Honour as part of the signing of the agreement between Singapore's Marshall Cavendish Education and Brunei's Ministry of Education on a major collaboration in mathematics education. The presentation is titled Success Factors in Improving Achievement and Attitude in Mathematics.

6/3/14 and 27/3/14 Singapore
I will be doing a workshop for teachers at East Coast Primary School.

7/3/14 and 14/3/14  Singapore
I will be teaching a course for Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) under Marshall Cavendish Institute (MCI). Teaching Kindergarten Mathematics will be held several times this year. Peggy Foo is my co-lecturer in this course.

8/3/14 Singapore
I will be having a dialogue with tutors working in SINDA's tuition programmes. SINDA is one of Singapore's self-help group.

10/3/14-11/3/14 Danbury, Connecticut, USA
I will be presenting at Singapore Math Institute on assessment and differentiated instruction, organized by 3R Teacher Training. Register here. If you came last year, this is a good follow-up. Join us if you did not last year. Contact Dr William Tozzo for enquiries.

17/3/14 to 20/3/14 Buriram, Thailand  This is postponed because of the situation in Thailand.
I will represent Singapore International Foundation (SIF) to conclude a three-year project to empower teachers in rural Thailand in Mathematics, Science and English Language teaching

24/3/14 to 29/3/14 Singapore
I teach an undergraduate course for Wheelock College, Boston at SEED Institute.
MAT150 Developing Problem-Solving Skills is offered by students in BSc in Early Childhood Education.

31/3/14 Phnom Phenh, Cambodia
I will be visiting an international school in Cambodia. I work with teachers through open lessons at Northbridge International School Cambodia.

February 2014
6/2/14 Manila Philippines
A seminar Pedagogies of Singapore Math by Rex Bookstore at Pan Pacific Manila Hotel.
In this seminar, I focus on answering the question What School Leaders Need to Know About Raising Student Achievement and Attitude in Mathematics.

7/2/14 to 8/2/14 Jakarta, Indonesia
I will be visiting Bina Bangsa School.
On 7/2 I will work with the secondary teachers on teaching secondary maths in a problem-solving way. The open lessons are on triangles (Secondary 1 / Grade 7) and Conditional Probability (JC1 / Grade 11). On 8/2 I will work with the primary teachers on setting and marking examination items.

14/2/14 Missouri USA
I will be at Smithville R-II School District.
In the morning, there will be a seminar for K-12 teachers.
In the afternoon, there will be a discussion on middle school and high school topics for secondary teachers.

17/2/14 North Carolina USA
I will be at North Wilkesboro Elementary School.

18/2/14 to 19/2/14 Seattle WA USA
I will be visiting St Joseph School.

20/2/14 to 22/2/14 Hopkins MN USA
I will be at The Blake School.
The seminar on 22nd Feb is a public event. Please contact .
There are follow-up seminars in June this year.

27/2/14 Singapore at Punggol Primary School
This workshop is for the teachers in the school.

January 2014
9/1/14 Singapore at Punggol Primary School
This is for the teachers in the school.

10/1/14 Manila at Singapore Math Circle Launch
If you are in the Philippines and are interested in Math Circle Program which is an enrichment program I developed, please email

13/1/14 to 17/1/14 London at Chaucer Centre
20/1/14 to 24/1/14 London at Chaucer Centre
Singapore Maths Method with Yeap Ban Har is an intensive entry-level course. For such and extension courses and Singapore Maths conferences in UK and Europe, please contact

There will be events in London and Brussels in April / May and October.