Sunday, December 7, 2014

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | January 2015

10 January | Davao, The Philippines
Alkem Professional Development APROD will bring what we had in Manila in November 2014 on Core Ideas in Early Mathematics for Kindergarten teachers and Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in Elementary Mathematics educators in Davao.

Contact: Alkem Professional Development

21.22.23 January | London, United Kingdom
Maths No Problem will be hosting a three-day workshop on teaching mathematics at primary level in an effort to support UK teachers in implementing the new curriculum. Teachers from schools in the pilot textbook project will attend this session in London. Participants are from several primary schools connected to a Maths Hub.

26.27.28 January | Manchester, United Kingdom
I have been teaching a five-day course on teaching primary school mathematics. In Manchester, we will be doing a three-day version of this course. More than forty teachers from 17 schools in a Maths Hub attended the course. This Maths Hub plans to have repeats of this course in the coming school year.

Check out Maths No Problem's events on their website.

30-31 January | Manila, The Philippines
Rex Bookstore in collaboration with Shinglee Publishers will be holding a two-day event.
On the first day, Professor Soledad Ulep from UP and a panel of concurrent session speakers will address issues on K-12 initiatives and elements of mathematics education in Singapore such as model drawing. I will represent on the second day where I talk about Pedagogies of Singapore Mathematics  with an emphasis on assessment system in Singapore. There is also a session on junior high school mathematics focusing on instruction and assessment.

Contact: Rex Publishers

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