Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Academic Activities & Visits 2017

January 18.19.20
Visit to Belleville Primary School in London, England.

January 23.24
Visit to SEAMEO RECSAM in Penang, Malaysia

February 13
Visit to Sekolah Rendah Rimba 1 (Cluster 4)
Sekolah Rendah Perpindahan Kampong Lambak Kanan Jalan 10 (Cluster 3)

February 23
NTUC First Campus Professional Advisory Council's meeting in Singapore
March 8
Financial Literacy Conference organised by National Institute of Education Singapore.

I delivered a session on Early Numeracy and Financial Literacy.

Presentation to Minister of Education (Acting) Brunei Darussalam 
27 March 

8.9 June 
Visit to Our Lady of Pity Roman Catholic Primary School in Wirral, England.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Teaching Schedule | April 2017

Photo ~ Schedule for An Institute Near Boston

April 2017
Bangkok | Boston | Connecticut | New York | 

6-7 Apr 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
I am at Anglo-Singapore International School to train the teachers.

Day 1 - Teaching Science and Maths the Anglo Way
Day 2 - Differentiated Instruction and Assessment for All Subject Teachers Apr 2017
Easton, Redding and Region 9 Public School District, CT

21 Apr 2017
Ridgefield Public Schools, CT
The evening before is reserved for an Evening with Parents 

24.25 Apr 2017
North Shore Schools, NY
Two days of open lesson across grade levels from kindergarten to grade five with two consecutive lessons in grade two. Also discussion with K-12 teachers and a session with administrators 

26 Apr 2017
Wilton School District, CT
Two high school and two middle school lessons 

27-28 Apr 2017
Boston-Natick, MA, USA
Verve Crowne Plaza Hotel
A conference in Massachucetts featuring Dr Richard Bisk, Dr Bill Tozzo and me.
Register at 3R Teacher Training website 

Teaching Schedule | March 2017

Photo ~ Maths - No Problem! Website showing upcoming events 

March 2017
Bangkok | London | Dorset | Manchester | North Yorkshire | Singapore | Brunei | Manila

4.5 Mar 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Viva Garden Hotel
Seminar for SAM Thailand 
This two-day seminar is for owners of SAM Thailand, an chain of enrichment schools, and their teachers.

9 Mar 2017

I will present a short session for kindergarten teachers at Financial Literacy Conference organised by National Institute of Education. 

13.14.15 Mar 2017
London, England 
Prospero House
Maths - No Problem! Signature Course

See http://www.mathsnoproblem.co.uk/teaching-maths-for-mastery-3-day-course-150317

16.17 Mar 2017
Dorset, England 
RNLI College
Maths - No Problem! Signature Course


20.21 Mar 2017
Manchester, England 
St Mary's C E Primary School
Maths - No Problem! Fraction Course

See http://www.mathsnoproblem.co.uk/teaching-maths-for-mastery-fractions-course-200317

22.23 Mar 2017
North Yorkshire, England 
Harrogate Grammar School
Maths - No Problem! Signature Course


27 Mar 2017
Brunei Darussalam

Presentation of findings of a national efficacy study to Minister of Education and educators in the sultanate.

28 Mar 2017
Manila, The Phillipines

As part of the interview process, shortlisted candidates complete a workshop with me for them to understand the brand of teaching and learning of the school's and to show their ability to work as a team.

20 August 2017
Pathlight School
I will present a seminar for parents at Pathlight School in mathematics learning for teenagers. It is in conjunction with our quarterly Parent Communication Night (PCN).

Monday, January 9, 2017

Teaching Schedule | February 2017

Photo ~ A Classroom at Pathlight School

February 2017
Singapore | Brunei 

8 Feb 2017
Punggol View Primary School
I will conduct a workshop on metacognition and visible thinking for mathematical problem solving at Punggol View Primary School.

13.27 Feb 2017
Sekolah Rendah Rimba 1 (Cluster 4)
Sekolah Rendah Perpindahan Kampong Lambak Kanan Jalan 10 (Cluster 3)
I will be visiting two schools in Brunei to observe how teachers who have attended our courses are doing. Marshall Cavendish Institute is concluding the professional development project that it has with Ministry of Education Brunei.  

22 Feb 2017
Pathlight School
I will be conducting a parent seminar for parents at Pathlight School. The first one is for parents with Primary 1 and 2 children on developing strong basics in mathematics.