Thursday, January 19, 2017

Teaching Schedule | March 2017

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March 2017
Bangkok | London | Dorset | Manchester | North Yorkshire | Singapore | Brunei | Manila

4.5 Mar 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Viva Garden Hotel
Seminar for SAM Thailand 
This two-day seminar is for owners of SAM Thailand, an chain of enrichment schools, and their teachers.

9 Mar 2017

I will present a short session for kindergarten teachers at Financial Literacy Conference organised by National Institute of Education. 

13.14.15 Mar 2017
London, England 
Prospero House
Maths - No Problem! Signature Course


16.17 Mar 2017
Dorset, England 
RNLI College
Maths - No Problem! Signature Course


20.21 Mar 2017
Manchester, England 
St Mary's C E Primary School
Maths - No Problem! Fraction Course


22.23 Mar 2017
North Yorkshire, England 
Harrogate Grammar School
Maths - No Problem! Signature Course


27 Mar 2017
Brunei Darussalam

Presentation of findings of a national efficacy study to Minister of Education and educators in the sultanate.

28 Mar 2017
Manila, The Phillipines

As part of the interview process, shortlisted candidates complete a workshop with me for them to understand the brand of teaching and learning of the school's and to show their ability to work as a team.

20 August 2017
Pathlight School
I will present a seminar for parents at Pathlight School in mathematics learning for teenagers. It is in conjunction with our quarterly Parent Communication Night (PCN).

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