Monday, January 8, 2018



I will be at 4 locations in three countries this month - twice in Jakarta as well as in Manchester, Birmingham and Honolulu.

For events in England, please contact Maths - No Problem!

For events in Hawaii, please contact 3R Teacher Training.

I do not typically teach in February as I take a break during the Lunar New Year to be a son, sibling and uncle. 

However, I will teach a graduate class and an undergraduate class at Chiangmai University in Thailand at the start of February.

In March, I will be in Cardiff, London, Manchester and Prague.

In April, I will be in Chicago for NCTM after many years of absence. I will also be in Connecticut and New Hampsire. 

In May, I will spend time in Manila, parts of England and Madrid.

In June, I will be in Bangkok, Jacksonville and England.

July is a busy month. I will be in Kansas City, Orlando, Charlottesville, Seattle and Boston.

In August, I will be in Miami and San Frnacisco as well as the east coast. I will also be in Manila, twice, and Hong Kong.

In September, you can meet me in Jakarta, Stockholm and east coast of the USA.

In October, I should be in east coast of the USA, Chicago, Houston as well as Manila and Jakarta and likely Trinidad and Tobago.

In November, it's time for Barbados, USA, England and Wales.

I try not to work in December but I believe I need to teach a few days in early December in west coast of the USA, likely in San Francisco as I did in 2017.

That's where you can find me this year.


  1. In July you said you would be in Boston. Are you doing a workshop and if so who is sponsoring it and how can I register? You also mentioned an east coast visit in August where will that be and who is sponsoring it?
    I am a fourth grade teacher looking to attend one of your conference/workshops.

  2. I am actually looking for Chicago event venues for an event that I’m planning for my birthday. Do you have any suggestions for that area? I already have gone through some of the venues and haven’t really been able to finalize a venue yet.

  3. Hi Dr. Ban Har! Who is your organizer in Manila? I'm asking so that I can attend your course.