Sunday, September 18, 2016

Teaching Schedule | January 2017

Photo ~ The Garden at a Hotel in Chiangmai

January 2017
Manila | London | Penang 

26 Dec 2016
Chiangmai, Thailand
Chiangmai University
A graduate course on reporting research for graduate students at Chiangmai University kicks off my teaching year.

14 Jan 2017
Manila, The Philippines 
Prestige Tower F, Ortigas Center, Pasig
Public seminar for high school teachers on numbers and algebra.
Contact for registration details or visit my Facebook Page.

But it is now fully subscribed. See you at the next seminar. Inform Dot if your are interested to attend another one to be held at a future date.

16.17 Jan 2017
London, England 
Prospero House 
This is the second part of professional development for Maths Hubs that adopt Maths - No Problem! for the textbook trials.

18.19.20 Jan 2017
London, England
Belleville Primary School
I will visit Belleville Primary School in London for lesson-study activities.

23-24 Jan 2017
Penang, Malaysia 
A course on teaching higher-order thinking skills (KBAT) through primary mathematics. This course is open to all including international participants, if you do not mind traveling to Penang, home to a UNESCO Heritage Site and the best place on earth for street food, according to Lonely Planet. 
Contact for registration details or visit my Facebook Page.

It is now fully subscribed but put your name on the list for a possible repeat of this course on a future date.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

World Association of Lesson Studies 2016 | Exeter, UK

I attended the conference as a member of WALS Council member. I have been an auditor to the association for the last two years. 

Next year we will meet in Nagoya.
Please contact me if you are interested to join one of the symposiums that I plan to propose for the Nagoya conference.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | November 2016

I do not usually teach in December. 

Farmington School District | Farmington CT 8 Nov
One-day institute followed by three open lessons later this month.

3R Teacher Training | New Rochelle NY
9.10 Nov 
Two-day institute organised by

Hackley School | Tarrytown NY
11 Nov
One-day session with elementary teachers with a short meeting with middle school teachers.

Department of Education | Honolulu HI
14.15 Nov
Teachers from several schools including Manoa Elementary School attended a one-day session on Stepping Stones.

Learning Tree | Bangkok, Thailand
18 Nov
One-day course for primary and secondary on visualization and problem solving.

Learning Tree | Chiangmai, Thailand
19 Nov
One-day course for primary and secondary on visualization and problem solving.

School visits and meetings to understand the Spanish system.

Farmington School District | Farmington, CT 28 Nov
Union School and West Wood Upper Elementary School are hosting three open lessons as a follow-up to a one-day institute held earlier in November.

There is also a session for parents.

Wilton Schools | Wilton CT
29 Nov
Open lessons in Cider Mill School and Miller-Driscoll School.

Covenant School | Charlotsville VA 
30 Nov and 1.2 Dec
The school will host several open lessons and co-host a one-day institute for about 100 teachers.

Monday, July 25, 2016

International Congress on Mathematics Education ICME 13 Hamburg 24-31 July 2016

My invited paper will be presented at TSG4 Activities for, and Research on, Mathematically Gifted Students. I am kicking off Third Session on Friday with the paper Instructional Models and Pedagogical Tools to Encourage and Promote Mathematical Talents.

Details are available after the presentation 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Presentation to Minister of Education Brunei Darussalam

Teachers as Learners
Brunei mathematics teachers completed about 120 hours of pedagogical content knowledge course with Marshall Cavendish Institute.
Teachers as Observers of Learning 
During Master Teachers Programmme, we introduce lesson study to the master teachers. We also modelled lesson-study discussion during school visits.
Teachers as Reflective Practitioners
When it becomes a culture ...

We talked about mindset being the biggest obstacle in teacher change.

4-I Model of Teacher Change
Ignore Imitate Integate Internalise

The entire ecosystem needs to change to bring about effect on student outcomes. I talked about the four apects of the system that needs attention - direction, national assessment (push), professional development and textbooks (support) and school leaders (enabler). 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | October 2016

MATHTED | Manila, The Philippines
20.21.22 October

I will deliver a plenary lecture at MATHTED International Conference to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.

Expanding Boundaries, Making a Difference: Synthesis of Research for Practice in Mathematics Education

In this plenary lecture, we examine what research tells us about effective teaching and learning of mathematics. We will look at five classroom features that support a curriculum that focuses on problem solving and critical thinking. We will also examine conditions that can support the existence and prevalence of such a learning environment. One of the critical condition is the preparation and development of mathematics teachers.

Maths - No Problem! | London, England
3.4.5 October 
Three-day signature Teaching for Mastery Course

Maths - No Problem! | Manchester, England
10.11.12 October 
Three-day signature Teaching for Mastery Course

Weston Public Schools | Weston CT
24.25.26 Oct
I will be at the school district for three days.

On the first day, I am meeting the middle school teachers to discuss, using four open lessons as a platform, questions on differentiation. 

On the second day, I am meeting the high school teachers to discuss algebra lessons to cater to students who have done Singapore Math in middle school.

On the third day, I will meet the elementary teachers who are new to the school district to do a fundamental course on teaching (Singapore) math. 

Northshore School District | Long Island NY
27.28 Oct 
I will be with the school for two days.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Academic Activities 2016

Chiangmai University in Thailand in January 2016
- I taught a one-day course on reporting academic research in mathematics education, attended by graduate students.

Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong in March 2016
- I taught part of a course on curriculum and assessment reforms, a course for graduate students.
- I led a seminar on mathematics education in Singapore for faculty members and students.

University of Curacao in September 2016
- I delivered a keynote lecture at the official opening of the academic year of the university. I also conducted a short course at the university.

Kasetsart University in September 2016

Srinakharinwirot University in September 2016

Seoul National University in December 2016

SNU's Center for In-service Teacher Education, College of Education is hosting four mathematics education professors from around the globe to conduct one-day workshop for South Korean teachers 

Berinderjeet Kaur (Singapore) kicked off the series in November and Keiko Hino (Japan) taught earlier this month. This Saturday, Carl Winslow (Denmark) and I will wrap up the series for 2016.

Chiangmai University in December 2016

Conference | Minnesota Council for Teachers of Mathematics MCTM Spring Mathematics Conference 2016

I presented one of the two keynote lectures at this conference alongside Diane Briars, the current NCTM President and a past NCSM President.

I opened with Improving Instructional Practices in Mathematics Classroom - Lessons from Research and she closed with From Principles to Action - High Leverage Implementation Actions.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | September 2016

I am visiting Anglo Singapore International School in Bangkok on 27th to help the early years team move closer to the school's vision Learning to Think, Thinking to Learn.

I am also giving two classes for Thai graduate students. On 29th Kasetsart University will host the first seminar and the next day Srinakharinwirot University will host the second. 

World Association for Lesson Studies | Exeter 3.4.5 September 
I will be attending this conference as a member of WALS Council.

Tur Ta Konta Foundation & University of Curaçao | Curaçao 

I will be conducting a series of seminars for the first time in Curaçao on 7.8.9 September.

Program and Symposium in Curacao named “Innovative Approaches to Mathematics” 

7 Sep 2016
[Fundashon Tur Ta Konta]

Other than meeting with the
media, interviews and talkshows, I will meet tutors from Fundashon Tur Konta 

6:00-8:00 p.m.
Meet & Greet with Tutors Fundashon Tur Ta Konta
Synopsis | At this event, Yeap Ban Har will answer questions about mathematics education, teaching strategies to help students do well and education in general.

8 Sep 2016

[Fundashon Tur Ta konta in collaboration with University of Curacao

8:30-11:30 p.m.

Audience - school boards directors and policymakers

How to Improve Our Mathematics Curriculum

Synopsis | In this presentation, we will discuss key ideas in improving mathematics curriculum. They include the concept of spiral curriculum to help us decide what to include, the core competencies in mathematics to help teachers decide their teaching actions and research on effective classrooms to alert us to the features of effective mathematics lessons.

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Audience a school boards principals, teachers, professors other educational stakeholders

“How to Make Mathematics Easy”

Synopsis | In this presentation, we will look at strategies put in place, from policy point of view as well as classroom strategies to help students learn mathematics well. But mathematics is NOT easy!

9 Sep 2016

University of Curacao

Official Opening of the Academic Year

8:00-10:00 p.m.

Audience - UoC invited guests and interested people from the community 

"Mathematics Education in Singapore and Lessons to Learn"

Synopsis | In this lecture, we will look at how a third-world nation in the 1960s transformed its mathematics education into one of the best in the world today, resulting in high mathematics achievement and a generation of young people who is able to support an economy that has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. The story will help us think about each of us, in our respective roles, can do to transform the lives of our population.


Ministry of Education Norway | Oslo
I will run a series of courses with a focus on bar models in Oslo on 12.13.14 September.

Pelangi | Medan Indonesia
17 September
This is a one-day event by Pelangi Books and Shinglee Publishers on primary school mathematics.

It will be at Karibia Boutique Hotel.

Course by Yeap Ban Har | August 2016

Shinglee Publishers 
4.5 August 
Two events for teachers in Singapore on mathematics teaching in primary and secondary school. Invitation have been sent to all local schools.

2.3 August
Two school-based professional learning will be conducted at Ai Tong School and Whitley Secondary School .

Assessment for Learning AfL
Schools Cluster S7 is having a workshop for its secondary schools. I will work with their mathematics teachers to address challenges they face after trying out various AfL strategies for a while now.  
Whitley Secondary School is hosting and Raffles Girls' School is the convenor. It is facilitated by Shinglee Publshers as schools in this cluster is using New Syllabus Mathematics by Shinglee | Singapore 

SIM University | Singapore
I am teaching one bachelor-level course on creative, critical and reflective thinking which runs from late July to September.

The second face-to-face session on 11 August focuses on Creative Problem Solving and we used it on issues in early childhood education.

Greg Tang | Seattle 
On 8-9 August, I will co-teach a two-day institute in Seattle. 

Rex Bookstore | Manila
12-13 August
2016 Rex-Shinglee Singapore Math Conference : Making Students' High Achievement in Mathematics Possible

Venue | REAP Center 
Banawe Street corner Atok Street 
Quezon City 

Albert Flores facilitate a discussion on Singapore Math pedagogy on Day 1 and I present three sessions on Day 2.

1|Teaching Effective Math Lessons
2|Singapore Textbook Problems
3|Understanding Critical Competencies in Learning Math

2016 Marshall Cavendish Education Conference 
Back for its fifth run, this year's Conference will be held at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore from 17 to 19 August. 

Centred on the theme 'Putting Change into Context - A Journey into 21st Century Learning', the three-day summit will serve as a springboard for growth and development in education around the world, bringing together renowned subject experts, researchers and international delegates from Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe for an exciting exchange of insights into the role of educators and learners as they progress into the 21st Century.
I will moderate a Plenary Panel discussion: Thriving for 21st Century: Changing learning environment and implication for the students’ learning’. In this session, I will present my perspective for 30 min before the panel discuss the issues raised. I will also present the topic on ‘Lesson Study: To develop 21st century teachers competencies and improving teachers’
Topic: Panel discussion: Thriving for 21st Century: Changing learning environment and implication for the students’ learning
Date: 18 Aug 2016, Thursday
Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm
Topic: Lesson Study: To develop 21st century teachers competencies and improving teachers 
Date: 19 Aug 2016, Friday
Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm

3R Teacher Training | Eastham, MA
22.23 August 
A two-day course for K-5 Teachers at Four Points by Sheraton in Eastham, Massachusetts in the US.
Details at

Wilton School District | Wilton, CT
25.26 August 
A two-day professional development for teachers in the district.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | June 2016

Summer Courses in U.S.
m4thodology | Jacksonville FL
A series of two-day courses for K-2, 3-5 and 6-10 teachers on 20-21, 22-23 and 24-25 June. This is the fourth time I am teaching this with Sarah Schaefer. The dates for 2017 are out.
Enquire at

Singapore Math Academy | Kuala Lumpur
A group of enrichment centres owners have requested for a two-day course for the teachers at their centres. 4.5 June.

I am teaching a series of courses for teachers in Sweden. 15.16.17 June

One-day introductory institute at Natur & Kultur’s conference hall in Stockholm (9 am to 1 pm) to introduce Singapore Maths to school leaders and K-6 teachers.

This session will run on 15.16 June.

On 17 June, I will teach a full-day course for teachers who have already attended an introductory course with local speakers. 

Maths - No Problem | London 
The signature three-day course runs from 27 June to 29 June and teachers in the Maths Hubs Textbook Project meet on 30 June and 1 July. They meet again in January 2017.

See Maths - No Problem! website for details.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | May 2016

3R Teacher Training | New Rochelle
This is a public event. It comprises of two days for elementary teachers and one day for teachers in Grades 6-8. Registration information is available here.

Easton-Redding School District | Connecticut
I will conduct open lessons which serve as a platform for professional conversation and learning.

Maths - No Problem! | London 
I will speaking at the The Confident Mathematics Teacher conference to be held at Kings Place on 13 May. Register here

Maths - No Problem! | Manchester
This is the signature three-day course to be held in a school in Altrincham, Cheshire near Manchester.
Maths - No Problem! | Ellesmere Port
This is a newly-crafted advanced course on fractions to be held at Ellesmere Port near Liverpool.
Victory Christian International School | Manila 
I will be working with the mathematics team to strengthen their mathematics program. 

MOE Kindergartens | Singapore
I will be conducting a one-day course on differentiated instruction in early numeracy.This is organised by Pre-School Education of the Singapore Ministry of Education. This is happening on 31 May.

Courses by Yeap Ban Har | April 2016

Other than running three sessions for parents in Pathlight School on various topics in mathematics and sciences, I will be teaching in several school districts as well as a state conference. I am also facilitating several sessions when educators from England are in Singapore in the later part of April.

Pathlight School | Singapore
Parents of students of Pathlight School would have received information on registration for the three sessions to be held on the evening of 20.21.22 April.

Primary 1-2 Parents
Guiding Your Child at Home in Maths

Primary 3-6 Parents
Primary School Science Process Skills - What Are They?

Secondary School Parents
Doing Well in Science and Maths at Secondary Level

If it is up to me, I will have all of you plus your friends. But the principal has decreed - there is only so much space in the school hall, so one parent per student, on a first-come-first-served basis. 😂

Weston Public Schools | Connecticut
Over three days, I will meet with grade level groups, from kindergarten through high school. 4.5.6 April

Wesport Public Schools | Connecticut
Over five days, we will engage in lesson study type lesson planning, teaching and post-lesson discussion with different grade levels in elementary school and secondary school. April

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools | Chicago
I will be doing three open lessons on 14 April and a workshop on 15 April.

Latin School | Chicago
This is my third visit to the school. 25.26.27 April 

Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics | Duluth

Rose Taylor Symposium for Mathematics Education and Leadership | I will lead the symposium that had the theme Mathematics Lessons That Work - Lesson Structure and Classroom Management Practices. 
28 April | Register here

I will stay on to deliver the opening keynote address at the state's annual conference on 29 April. I will also do a concurrent session on 30 April.

There is also an England-Singapore Professional Development to be held in Singapore. Three schools in Singapore will be joining this event. About twenty or so educators from England will join our teachers.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Courses by Yeap Ban Har | March 2016

I am visiting schools in South Africa. I first visited some of these schools a few years ago.

Cape Town | South Africa 2.3 March 
United Herzlia Schools and Wynberg Girls Junior School

Herzlia Highlands Primary hosted the open lessons on the first day and Wynberg Girls Junior School did the same on the second day. In all we had eleven open lessons. Each open lesson was attended by about thirty teachers from various schools. Herzlia High School was the venue for the Grades 3-6 workshop for about 50 teachers and Wynberg Girls Junior School hosted the Grades 1-3 workshop for about the same number of teachers.

Sessions for parents were hosted by Wynberg Girls Junior School and Herzlia Wiesmann Primary School. 

Johannesburg | South Africa March
King David Schools

Visiting Professorship to Chinese University of Hong Kong March
I taught a lesson in a MSc Course 6162 Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Under Curriculum Reform. Using Singapore curriculum as a case study, we discussed curriculum development, focus, implementation and challenges. In particular, there was a lot of discussion on learner diversity.  I also conducted a seminar for the faculty as well as PGDE and other students at the university on the topic of teacher education in Singapore.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Course by Yeap Ban Har | February 2016

I do not teach much in February because of the Chinese New Year Celebrations when I get to spend time with my family.

I teach the three-day signature Maths - No Problem! course for the first time in Nottingham. Eighty teachers attended this.
A church in Nottingham

See for details of future courses or contact

I will also be teaching a two-day course in Sendai, Japan. This is organised by Tohoku International School. About thirty teachers from three schools attended the two-day session.

The professional development session focuses on teaching mathematics in a 
problem-solving approach. Research-based approaches will be discussed for 
lessons for students to learn new ideas, to consolidate ideas and to apply 
ideas. Participants will also get to revisit some content areas that are 
difficult for students. There is plenty of opportunities to interact with 
the facilitator and raise questions. The examples span grades K-8.

Daikannon in Sendai ~ one of the tallest statues in the world

That's all that fits into February.