Sunday, February 22, 2015

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | May 2015 May
I will teach Master Teacher Development Programme in Brunei.
This is organized by Ministry of Education Brunei and run by MCI. This course is for master teachers in the country. My colleague a retired master teacher will share the course with me.

11 May 
This is a one day seminar specially targeted at public school teachers but private school teachers are welcome too. This project was initiated by myself but the main organizing work is being done by Keys School Manila with Ateneo providing the venue and various organizations have stepped in to provide sponsorship. May
East Asian Regional Conference on Mathematics Education EARCOME7 is hosted by Cebu City. I am on the Advisory Committee and will play various roles in the conference.

Workshop | Using Textbooks to Plan and Teach a Lesson Effectively?
Dr Yeap Ban Har & Peggy Foo, Marshall Cavendish Institute, Singapore
What lesson structure and classroom practices lead to good learning and high achievement? In this session, participants will learn to study student textbooks to design lessons that are consistent with learning theories. You will have the opportunity to use textbooks used in Singapore to plan lessons across grade levels.
Limited to 40 participants  

30 May
Alkem Professional Development will be holding a one-day course on writing test items based on the new Dep Ed guidelines. I am teaching it.


Designing Mathematics Test
Study test items from international benchmarking test and learn the procedure to design chapter tests and term examinations. The focus of this course is paper-and-pencil written tests. Alternative assessment methods will be discussed although it is not the focus of this course.

18.19.20 May
This three-day course will be held in Ellesmere Port near Liverpool in the UK. This is on the fundamentals of primary mathematics teaching organized by Maths - No Problem! in collaboration with Teaching School (TSA) Deep Learning. 

It has been fully sold out so registration is no longer possible.

27 May
I will be teaching the second part of a two-part session organized by Autism Resource Singapore on helping learners with mathematical concepts.

28 May
I look forward to meeting Pathlight School's parents for the second time this year. Our agenda for the session in conjunction with our Parent Communication Night (PCN) is word problems.

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