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Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | March 2015

Danbury Session will be on 5.6 March 2015. See 3R PD Corner for details.

On top of this, I will visit four school districts in March.
Mar 2-3: Weston Public Schools, CT

Elementary School
Kindergarten | Lesson on Numbers 80 to 100

Grade 2 | Lesson on Measurement
Grade 3 | Put On Your Thinking Cap Lesson on Fractions
Grade 4 | Lesson on Writing Decimals as Fractions
Grade 5 | Bar Model Lesson on Fractions

Middle School |

Grade 8 Open Lesson based on Math in Focus Course 3 Section 6.3 | Linear and Non-Linear Models
The lesson is used to embody the Singapore philosophy. The open lessons also shows one way of using the textbook  - how to make the anchor task more engaging, real-world, and student-centered. Differentiation for struggling learners will also be modeled.

In the discussion, we will talk about the different ways to use anchor tasks given in textbooks, use, adapt, abandon. This school district emphasizes applied learning so anchor tasks grounded in real-world situations is a priority.

Grade 6 Open Lesson based on Math in Focus Course 2 Section 6.3 | Alternate Interior, Exterior, and Corresponding Angles.

The focus of this open lesson is on the CPA Approach and Differentiated Instruction. The lesson is on sum of interior angles in a polygon.

This is another model of professional development where conversations are based on Open Lesson taught by the instructor.

Mar 4: Bedford Public Schools, NY (The event was modified because it was a snow day)
The sessions will be in the auditorium of Fox Lane High School. 
8-11 am About 55 Grades 3 to 5 teachers will have their session.
12.20-3.20 About the same number of Grades K to 2 teachers will meet.
There is also a special session for Grade K and special support teachers at 3.45 to 5 pm.
Mt Kisco Elementary will be hosting the parents session (Overview of Singapore Mathematics) at 7 pm. 

This is an example of a customized professional development which is based on grade level bands.

Mar 9-10: Greenwich Public Schools, CT

This is a two-day event for K-2 and 4-8 teachers focusing on problem solving and lesson structure on selected topics. It will be held in Greenwich Town Hall.

Mar 11-12: Westport Public Schools, CT

Based on two open lessons, elementary teachers will spend a day with me to discuss lesson structure with a focus on long division (Grade 3) and mixed numbers (Grade 4). This is an example of topic-specific professional development. Each took half a day. Colleytown Elementary hosted the event.

In the evening I met the parents. Long Lots Elementary School hosted the event.

Based on two open lessons, middle school teachers discuss how to differentiate instruction and how to deliver exciting mathematics lessons. The open lessons were consecutive lessons on percentages from a Singapore textbook. One class is using MiF for the first time this year and the other is not using Singapore Math.

There is a public event in Danbury CT on Mar 5-6. Register at the website. Contact bill@tozzo.net for details. Another one is scheduled for Aug 24-25 in Peabody near Boston.

On Mar 7, I will run a one-day train-the-trainers institute for MiF trainers from HMH Professional Development. They have engaged Marshall Cavendish Institute to run the training. The entire institute is for three days. This will be in Washington DC and it is a private event for MiF trainers.

On Mar 16, Shinglee Publishers is organizing a seminar on secondary mathematics in Singapore. I am speaking in my capacity as the consultant for the textbook series used in many Singapore secondary schools. Look out for the invite. The focus is on lesson structure and mathematical modeling in indices, trigonometry and matrices.

On Mar 22, I have been invited to have a dialogue with a group of Japanese mathematics educators. The meeting will be held in Osaka Kyoiku University, the major education university in Osaka, with 5000 education students.

Internationalization of Singapore Mathematics Education: Implications on Sharing Japanese Research and Practice

On Mar 24, I am meeting a visiting group of teachers from the UK. Punggol View Primary School hosted the event. The next day, they visited Gongshan Primary School and CHIJ Toa Payoh (Primary). As part of Building Bridges programme, NIE, UK schools and Singapore schools had the opportunity to visit each other to have professional conversation about mathematics teaching.

On Mar 25, Dunman High School in Singapore is holding a seminar on Introduction to Lesson Study. The school has been doing lesson study. This course will help the new teachers understand the process of lesson study and also allows those who have been doing it to review their efforts.
On March 26, Marshall Cavendish Education is having an exclusive The Pedagogy Behind Excellent Teaching and Learning at Civil Service College Singapore for Heads of Department and Subject Heads. Invitation has been sent to schools so please register early. It is scheduled for 2pm to 4.30pm.

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