Sunday, February 22, 2015

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | June 2015

2 June
Keming Primary School is having their now annual professional development with me.

3 June
I will present a seminar at Singapore Early Childhood Education Symposium. It's titled Enhancing Pedagogy and Numeracy throughly PLC Lesson Study.

Slides are available

4 June
I will deliver a keynote lecture at Association for Mathematics Educators -Singapore Mathematical Society Conference 2015. See AME Website for registration details. June
Blake School near Minneapolis in MN is hosting grade-level professional development for teachers in the area. The courses are open to the public. We start we a Grade 1 Institute on Monday and work our way to Grade 6 Institute on Saturday. This could well be the only grade-specific Singapore Mathematics institute in the US. Contact Singapore Mathematics Teacher Institute at Blake for registration. June
M4thodoloy - a math institute by the beach. Jacksonville FL. Contact Sarah Schaeffer at for details. Three sessions are designed for different grade level bands. 

Dates for 2016 are out. K-2 Institute 20-21 June | 3-5 Institute 22-23 June |  6-9 Institute 24-25 June

Session 1 (K-2) 15.16 June 2016
Session 2 (3-5)  17.18 June 2016
Session 3 (6-9)  19.20 June 2016
On 29.30 June Year 1 and Year 2 teachers involved in the Math Hub Textbook Project will have their training in London.

I teach a three-day course in London 1-3 June. This course is sold out.

In July, I will join Greg Tang, Dr Cathy Seely, Andy Clarke among others at Math Plus Conference in Kansas City MO. See MathPlus Website. The conference is sold out but they have a wait list.

I will also present for a day at Math in Focus Institute in Houston TX
See Lead and Learn Website.

And for a day at Singapore Math In-Depth Summit in Scottsdale AZ
See Singapore Math Training Website

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