Saturday, April 25, 2015

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | August 2015 Aug Brunei
Advanced Institute for teachers in Brunei. This is part of MCI's work with MOE Brunei. I will travel to Brunei with three other lecturers from MCI.

This week they spend two days on Course 1 - Teaching through Problem Solving and Course 2 - Formative Assessment and Practice.The teachers retuned the week after for two more day courses on other topics. Each teacher will complete four days of professional development with MCI this month.

This course is for selected teachers in Brunei.

11.12.13 Aug Worcester MA
MCI is organizing three summer institutes with various university this year. I am teaching at Worcester State University. I have done this one several times now.

Register at Marshall Cavendish Education's website.

14 Aug Martha's Vineyard
I look forward to visiting West Tisbury Elementary School at Martha's Vineyard after WSU's course.

18 Aug Kuala Lumpur
I will be in Kuala Lumpur for a day to train a group of secondary teachers who will be trainers of other teachers as the country rolls out its new curriculum. I have been asked to do sessions on critical thinking, problem solving and higher order thinking. Ministry of Education Malaysia is organizing this day-long training. They had wanted a four-day workshop but the late request does not allow for that. 

24.25 Aug Peabody-Boston
A course on assessment and differentiated instruction in elementary mathematics teaching will be held at Boston. I have done this course several times in Danbury CT.

Register at 3R Professional Development's website.

26 Aug New York
I will be visiting Hackley School.

This concludes my summer teaching stints.


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