Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harvard University, Boston, USA 15 April 2010

The Singapore Mathematics Curriculum: What Makes It So Good? is an seminar organised by Katherine K. Merseth and Jon R. Star from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I discuss the three key theoretical underpinnings of the intended curriculum - Bruner, Dienes and Skemp. I discuss the enactive, iconic and symbolic representation of Jerome Bruner, the concept of multiple embodiment and the principle of perceptual and mathe,atical variability of Zoltan Dienes, and the notion of relational and instrumental understanding of Richard Skemp.

It was generally well-received by a crowd of about 40 graduate students who are interested in mathematics education as well as a few faculty members from both the education and mathematiucs departments.

The presentation slides are available at

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