Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Schedule for Yeap Ban Har | September 2015

3.4.5 Sep Jakarta
I will visit Bina Bangsa School Indonesia for my twice to three times a year professional development and consultation with the school. I have been doing this with this collection of schools in Jakarta, Semarang, Bandung and Malang. It is an Indonesian school that adopts Singapore's curriculum. Typically, we have workshops, lesson study by teams of teachers and consultancy meetings. Sep Helsinki
Leaders from Pathlight School and ARC will be on a study visit to Finland. I look forward to joining my colleagues to learn more about making the learning journey a transformational one for our students.
14.15.16 Sep Seoul
I have now been to Seoul Foreign School several times. The next trip is scheduled for 14-16 Sep.

21.22 Sep Brunei
I will visit schools to observe and evaluate the progress of teachers who have participated in MCI's courses the last two years.
26 Sep Manila
There will be a one-day course on Teaching Fractions for Problem Solving and Critical Thinking by Alkem Professional Development. Contact Dorothy Ngo of APROD at dotsngo2008@gmail.com

28 Sep Kansas City MO

29 Sep Redding CT

30 Sep Ridgefield CT 


3 Oct Mentari Books, Jakarta

5-14 Oct London Oct Cambodia

5.6 Nov 3R Teacher Training (West Coast

12.13 Nov Honolulu

17 Nov Bangkok

19.20.21 Nov Manila

23-27 Nov WALS in Khon Kaen

28 Nov Manila

30 Nov and Dec Taiwan American School in Taipei

7.8 Dec Chicago

9 Dec Boston 

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