Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LEAP Educators' Conference 2011, Manila, The Philippines, 11 - 12 February 2011

Graduates from one of the programmes under LEAP performing at a dinner to celebrate the completion of lEAP that saw pricipals (LEP), heads of department (MLS) and teachers (PGDE, two batches and CTP, three batches)going through NIE programmes over the three years.

This inaugural LEAP Educators’ Conference 2011, sponsored by Temasek Foundation, Singapore, is organised by Ateneo de Manila University together with the National Institute of Education, Singapore. It aims to provide a platform for teachers to share their teaching experiences among the teaching fraternity in the Philippines. The focus this year is in the teaching of Science, Mathematics and the use of technology in class.

With globalisation and easier access to technologies, students today are better exposed to information. Teaching methods need to adapt to the social and environmental changes so that teachers’ teaching can be relevant to the pupils’ interest. The use of technology and innovative teaching practices are some of the ways in which we can effectively reach out to students in and out of the classroom.

We encourage Philippine teachers to showcase your unique or interesting ways of teaching pupils and share it with fellow teachers in this conference. It is through such sharing that the teaching fraternity can improve as a whole for the betterment of the Philippine student population.

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I will make key plenary lectures for both primary mathematics and secondary mathematics. For elementary school mathematics, I spoke about the use of drill-and-practice to develop higher-order thinking. For high-school mathematics, I spoke about how mathematics is used to develop thinking.

The other speakers include the Father Nebres, President of Ateneo de Manila University, Professor Paul Teng, one of the Deans of NIE, Dr Augustine Tan (NIE) (for science), Dr Lim Cher Ping (HKIEd) (for ICT) and myself. There were also Filipino speakers such as Dr Milangros Ibe (UP) (for mathematics).

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