Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition, San Diego USA, 21-24 April 2010

NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition

Mathematics Problems from Primary Schools in Singapore (by SingaporeMath.com)
I used problems from the Primary Mathematics (Standards Edition) in this sessions to discuss the different roles of problems.

Making Connections: Problems from Singapore Classrooms
I used problems from textbooks, national examination (PSLE) and teacher-created problems as well as problems from lesson study to show the kind of problems typical in the Singapore classrooms.

Does Singapore Mathematics Enhance Student Learning in the United States?
I did the introduction to this panel presentation by describing selected aspects of mathematics teaching and learning in Singapore.

Special Event
What's The Theory Behind Singapore Math?
This session for teachers in California helped teachers understand the theoretical undepinning of Singapore Math - plus they get to see a video of problem solving in a Grade 1 class and solve some PSLE problems themselves.

The presentations are available at www.mathz4kidz.com and math.nie.edu.sg/T3

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