Monday, February 15, 2010

National Conference on Singapore Math Strategies, Las Vegas, USA 12 - 15 July 2010

National Conference on Singapore Math Strategies is the third one held on an annual basis. Always in the exciting Las Vegas. It is my second time teaching at this institute. This year a colleague who used to teach at the NIE, Dr Douglas Edge, presented at the conference too.

I have developed several new presentations and use new examples and activites for those taught last year. Hopefully, those who insist on attending the same sessions that they did last year will not be bored with the same tasks. Actually, there is a rich array of sessions to attend at any time slot, given that the number of presenters have increased.

I am happy to note that two collegues from Scarsdale School District, where I have visited on several occasions, presented at the conference as well.

My sessions at the conference were:
A4 Teaching Kindergarten and First Grade Math
A10 Questioning Questions - Techniques to Improve Attitude Towards Mathematics
B2 Challenging Word Problems Without Using The Model Method
C6 Math Teaching Around The World
C11 Designing Lessons Around Anchor Problems
D2 and G1 Piece of Cake : Teaching Fractions
E4 How Can I Help My Students See It? Developing Visualization
E11 Mathematics Problems From Singapore Schools
F1 Creative Thinking for Students Who Struggle
H3 Closing Session : Open Lesson for Grade 5 (Multiplication of Fractions)

The last one is an actual lessons for students in a Las Vegas school - James E & A Rae Smalley Elementary School.

All the presentations are available at

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